Cheetahs, gazelles & baobobs

Flying Jibs

Indian Country 

The lemurs had this incredible sense of smell.  They always knew when one of their own was someone's dinner.  And then there was that long tail of lemur smoke...

Swimming in the Fountain of Youth

"​If it ain't fun, we ain't doin' it."​     ​ (TM)

Nine Tigers: the circus no one could control

She would spend the whole morning underwater. 

Her brother always came to get her when lunch was ready. 

Zebra Sky

Goats, beautiful goats.

The family lived in the woods, out by the red chair tree.   Many believed they buried treasure there.  

Early on there was just the one religion

His wife washes the horse while he hangs out with his friends. 

Oh my god, there's a cougar at the kitchen door.  

The Getaway

It was a beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain town, unusual only because there were bears keeping an eye out for the women, and dinosaurs chased  men in business suits.

Since the financial crisis of '08, this guy has lived in a cave. Finally learned a few things about himself. 

My dove on the burning sea.

 (c) Meredith Rolley, all rights reserved

Space Travel is for Everyone

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