Some say those people buried money in the red chair tree. 

Space Travel is for Everyone

Men carrying flowers on their heads

The Getaway


                   "If it ain't fun, I ain't doin' it."   

                                         "Old age is not a character flaw."


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Oh my god, there's a cougar at the kitchen door!

Mountain Town

The Healer

Lemur Smoke

Before Good and Evil

Early Spring:  Fresh Air

Nine Tigers: the circus that could not be controlled

My Dove on the Burning Sea

      Meredith Rolley

Tourists have been urged to stop annoying the locals

Indian Country

Zebra Sky

Late Winter: Broken Hearts

Since the financial crisis of '08 this guy has lived in a cave.  Finally learned a few things about himself.

New City

The Snake Charmer's Children

His wife washed the horse while he hung out with his friends